About Us

Based in 2012, Arcraftsera made a modest begin by way of showcasing my domestic artwork . Sampada Vaidya the founder of Artcraftsera, realized the huge disparity in phrases of fees . As a result Arcraftsera is commitment toward developing a excellent consciousness of Indian arts and crafts . Artcraftsera creates a platform for art enthusiasts to come back collectively,as we behavior activities such as canvas painting workshops and lots of greater. It’s far devoted to the merchandising of younger expertise and affords a platform for them to showcase their work at the side of our internal artist crew. The Gallery has featured a huge variety of paintings, sculptures and Wall mural work of art.

The gallery isn’t like different galleries, as it has opted to open and diversify the art scene with the aid of breaking the monopoly of big names and mainstream facilities to house and collect artwork from local centers.